Our Business

We have started Ayu Care Technology Pte Ltd, a Singaporean company with a vision to make a difference in people’s health and lives by actions through Technology that is innovative and useful for broad sections of society of all age groups from paediatrics to geriatrics .

The focus is on STEM in general and specifically Biotechnology, Life Science & Medicine.

Our Scientific Team, Development Team and Marketing Team are committed and dedicated acting with an aim to produce viable products that will be beneficial convenient to the customers


Our Goals

  • The short-term goals will be to set up teams for Research & Development within Singapore or at convenient offshore locations, that will test the market and gather customer feedback in terms of its suitability and utility value.
  • We would venture into PharmacoGenomics for Cancers leveraging latest Next Gen Sequencing and companion diagnostics that would serve as a decision support system for
  • Physicians and Oncologists to prescribe medications for the management of cancer patients. Then we would scale up the team and operations in a year from now.
  • The long-term goal will be to become a regional leader among the RCEP countries, provide scientific and other personnel an innovative workplace and customers a tool to overcome their day-to-day obstacles in health care.
  • For large scale non-communicable diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension over the next five years. For Diabetes, our focus would be on prevention and early detection by smart mobile apps with focus to save eyes, save limbs-lives.

Our Services

We have partners, Genetic Testing Laboratories that have global accreditation and perform with the highest quality. These testing services are done at CAP Accredited Laboratories to ensure accuracy. If one is a Cancer patient, the tests have to be prescribed by Your Consultant Doctors, Oncologists, Onco-surgeons etc.

To be more precise, there are newer medications that can treat and benefit cancer patients. These patients need to undergo Genetic Testing and We enable it to be done at lower costs.

For e.g. in Males

Those having deleterious or suspected deleterious germline or somatic homologous recombination repair (HRR) gene-mutated metastatic castration-resistant Prostate Cancer (mCRPC) in adults who have progressed following prior treatment.

For e.g. in Females

Those having deleterious or suspected deleterious somatic or germline BRCA-mutated (gBRCAm) advanced Ovarian Cancer in patients who are in complete or partial response to first-line chemotherapy

We collect your tissue specimens from the local Hospitals, do all necessary documentation, ship out to the Laboratory and get the report for You & Your Treating Doctor with a short Turn-Around-Time.


Act to Prevent

Cancer Statistics

Top 10 Cancers affecting Singaporean men (2011-2015)
Ranking Site of Cancer No
1 Colon cancer 5383
2 Lung cancer 4632
3 Prostate cancer 4053
4 Liver cancer 2346
5 Lymphoma 2115
6 Skin cancer 1822
7 Stomach cancer 2183
8 Nasopharyngeal cancer 1193
9 Kidney cancer 1073
10 Myeloma 995
Top 10 Cancers affecting Singaporean women (2011-2015)
Ranking Site of Cancer No
1 Breast cancer 9634
2 Colorectal cancer 4424
3 Lung cancer 2489
4 Cancer of the Uterus 2271
5 Cancer of the Ovary 1797
6 Lymphoma 1470
7 Skin cancer 1404
8 Thyroid cancer 1269
9 Stomach cancer 1117
10 Cancer of Cervix 1037
Top 10 frequent cancer deaths in Singapore (2011-2015)
Ranking Male Female
1 Cancer of the Lung Cancer of the Breast
2 Cancer of the Colon Cancer of the Lung
3 Cancer of the Liver Cancer of the Colon
4 Cancer of the Stomach Cancer of the Liver
5 Cancer of the Pancreas Cancer of the Stomach
6 Cancer of the Prostate Cancer of the Pancreas
7 Cancer of the Nasopharynx Cancer of the Ovary
8 Lymphoma Cancer of the Cervix
9 Cancer of the Kidney Lymphoma
10 Leukaemia Leukaemia
  • Medications proven to reduce risk of breast and colon cancers in those at increased risk.
  • Lifestyle choices such as avoid or quit tobacco, limit alcohol, avoid known carcinogens, keep active & avoid obesity.
  • Treatments for infections known to increase cancer risk, including hepatitis C, HIV, and H. pylori.
  • Screening tests that allow removal of precancerous lesions, such as colon polyps.
  • Vaccines to protect against infection with human papillomavirus (HPV) and hepatitis B.
  • Surgery to remove tissues at risk, such as for women with increased risk of breast and ovarian cancer.

Regulatory Consulting and Strategic Services

Regulatory affairs is an industry that oversees how food, drugs, and medical devices and products are developed, tested, manufactured, marketed and distributed to certify that they meet regulatory standards for human use.

Regulations are made by the government to protect public health by ensuring the safety and efficacy of medicines. Based on regional and economic constraints, the regulatory bodies around the globe differ in their guidelines, making it challenging for manufacturers to reach market on time.


Why do you need us? Or why choose us?


We believe that a successful product launch can only happen if regulatory hurdles and commercial strategies are aligned.

Building an effective regulatory compliance program is time consuming and challenging. We offer customized strategies for growing companies to meet their corporate needs and operational goals for long term growth.

We will help you with our regulatory experts to help your company to comply with regional and global health and environmental regulatory requirements. Our team of experts act as a bridge between your organization and Global Health Authorities.

We offer expert guidance and know how to optimise the time to market for your products

We have an expert team who have good experience in regulated and emerging markets to handle product registrations. Moreover, we have an access to an established network of consultants across the globe to give a hassle-free regulatory support.

Our expert team can handle all therapeutic categories like
  • Drugs
  • Cosmetics
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Medical devices and Traditional medicines
  • Health Supplements
  • Functional Food

Regulatory Services

Regulatory Strategy: We provide comprehensive end to end regulatory solutions for marketing authorization applications for US, EU and APAC markets. Apply a scientific risk-based approach to develop your regulatory strategy and building a road-map to the market.

Dossier development & electronic submissions: We provide dossier management planning and compilation of eCTD, ACTD and country specific dossiers as per client requirement.

Regulatory Life cycle management: We will provide regulatory guidance in each stage of product development to post market surveillance.

Regulatory due diligence: Our experts will do peer review of documents before submission to health authorities. We always keep the track of updated regulatory requirements in US, EU and APAC markets for regulatory and legal compliance.

Audit management: We provide guidance for quality compliance audits like GMP and halal audits.


For more information, please drop us a message at regulatory@ayucaretech.com or contact us @ +65 94455462

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